G. S. is a full-stack entrepreneur, information security researcher / hacker, speaker, and consultant. He is involved in numerous ventures in the investment, higher education, healthcare, recruiting, and security spaces. He is an INTJ and applies his KSAs to the three focus areas of Information: Exploitation, Protection, and Monetization. He routinely receives battlefield promotions and is generally helpful to have around both due to his high energy and wide interests. He goes the extra mile, stays up late during operations, and is accustomed to being contacted during non-regular working hours. His strengths include seeing the bigger picture due to his diverse background, planning for long-term benefit, and being unapologetically assertive in communications.

A vetted organization leader, G. S. holds numerous technology and innovation awards. He is a double graduate of George Mason University's Volgenau School of Engineering, the School of Business, and continues to advise the university on technology and entrepreneur projects. He regularly speaks at and attends security, IT, business, and medical conferences both domestically and overseas, and volunteers with the Internet Society. Most recently he spoke on the youth and social media panel with internationally acclaimed figures in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the day he works in many roles on security and government projects, and during the nights and weekends on his own startup companies. He is heavily tuned in to the startup community, social media trends, and big data opportunities. He has had successful startups of his own as well as active plans for many future ones. He splits his time mainly between the Washington, D.C. area and New York City where he works with additional startup companies.

He builds them, breaks them, and if he's out of the office he's gone phishing.